Hello there!

Welcome to this little corner of the internet. On this page you'll be able to find out a bit more about me, in case you're like me and are a bit nosy! 
My name is Christa. I have been born and raised in The Netherlands (otherwise called 'Holland' by most of the world). As of right now, I am taking up residence in the United Kingdom, more specifically England, where I attend a university in the 'North' (as it is ominously called by the Brits) and study for a degree in English Literature with Creative Writing.
Besides being a big fan of reading books, I am now also attempting to write my own novel - incredibly daunting and difficult, but also fun. I'll let you know how that one ends!
Other than that, I usually enjoy films, eating sweet treats and hanging out with my friends (although that can be a bit difficult if some of your friends live in different countries...).
Thanks for stopping by - I hope you enjoy what you find on my blog!

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